INFIDRI drying technology maintains SunCran’s purity and efficacy

INFIDRI drying technology maintains SunCran’s purity and efficacy

SunCran is produced using POWDERPURE’s patented INFIDRI, the same best-in-class dehydration process that preserves nutritive compounds in fruits and vegetables. The INFIDRI process ensures the maximum purity and bioactivity, as well as excellent flowability and color. While we’re preserving nutrients and compounds, we’re also avoiding unnecessary ingredients. We’re not diluting our premium ingredients with compounds such as maltodextrin, which just aren’t needed.

INFIDRI takes inspiration from natural sunlight to gently remove water, preserving the nutritional, color and taste compounds of the original food. It targets only water molecules, and naturally retains everything else including nutrients as well as compounds responsible for the cranberry’s natural tangy taste and vibrant color. INFIDRI is a must for manufacturers who need to deliver on their clean-label promises. 

Additional advantages of this drying method include: 

  • Superior track record of nutritive compounds retention, including proanthocyanins and phenolics, especially when compared with freeze drying.
  • Does not use heat as a means of dehydration, which can damage a material’s composition. 
  • Proprietary computer-controlled zones ensure effective targeting of water across the entire process. 
  • Faster than freeze drying, which translates to less deterioration of color and nutrients. 
  • Has the ability to handle materials without the need for a carrier such as maltodextrin.   
  • Resulting powder has excellent dispersibility and a long shelf life.
  • Most energy efficient of all standard drying methods. Additionally, the POWDERPURE facility is 100 percent powered by wind and solar energy. 

It would be impossible to recreate SunCran without using INFIDRI technology.