Some ingredients are just better together

Some ingredients are just better together

Peanut butter and jelly. Salt and pepper. Some ingredient combinations enhance one another. That’s definitely the case with Sunfiber and the soluble cranberry PACs derived from natural cranberry juice powder. 

A Rutgers University human clinical study found that SunCran is more impactful than previously studied ingredient combinations for managing urinary tract health. The study found that SunCran, standardized to soluble PACs, may be the best choice for limiting the ability of pathogenic bacteria to adhere to the urinary tract. Similar studies have been done with other ingredients in combination with natural, standardized cranberry juice powder, but the SunCran formula elicited the most promising results, with 85% of participants showing at least a moderate anti-adhesion response. 

Another study conducted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison examined the ability of SunCran to inhibit the ability of extra-intestinal pathogenic E. coli to invade gut epithelial cells. The ability to reduce invasion of these E. coli into cells is important because it’s how they colonize the gut.  

Overall, these results show how SunCran can affect urinary tract health in two different ways by first improving the gut microbiome and second by promoting anti-adhesion of pathogenic E. coli if they enter the urinary tract. These synergistic benefits of SunCran set it apart from other cranberry ingredients.  

Unlike stand-alone fiber supplements or cranberry supplements, only dual-action SunCran supports both digestive and urinary tract health with this unique combination of benefits: 

  • Soluble fiber for digestive health
  • Prebiotic fiber to support healthy gut bacteria
  • Soluble cranberry juice powder for urinary tract health 
  • Every lot standardized for soluble PACs
  • Confirmed anti-adhesion activity
  • Anti-invasion activity tested
  • Cranberry powder guaranteed for potency and TRU-ID DNA tested for authenticity
  • Contains no carriers, fillers, maltodextrin or added sugars

SunCran is a truly turnkey, comprehensive solution. Other fibers and cranberry products have different activities. By developing SunCran, our goal is to provide formulators – and ultimately the public – with safe, trusted and effective products that deliver on claims.